Embossing Labels for Eye-catchy Looks

Embossing is a printing technique that helps to turn a relatively ordinary label into something stylish and appealing by raising the image or shape on the paper. This finishing element not only looks elegant, but also makes the labels appear noble which surely helps in attracting the costumers. The attraction is not only connected with its appearance but also the fact that it creates an urge by people to touch it.  A research published in the Journal of marketing says that the possibility of the item being bought is highly connected with the sense of touch. Once the customer feels like holding the product, he is more likely to buy it.

How does it work?

A label gets some depth and texture though physical pressure between raised image or shape on the paper. A custom die that needs to be designed according to the preferred design in advance is later pressed against each label. Although the process helps the product to have a premium look, it’s pretty cost effective. Actually, the cost depends on different working tools.

Embossing Labels

Where are embossed labels used?

As they are well known for their elegant effect, embossed labels are widely used on:

  • Wine and spirit bottles,
  • Health and cosmetics products,
  • Care products,
  • Promotional labels etc.

More touch ups

While embossing can be used on its own, it’s very important for manufacturers to surely know that their label differs from the rest. A solution for this can also be the combination of embossed label with metallic foil print design. Hot foil printing, on its turn, will make the label appear more elegant and stress the embossed parts of the design.