How to choose a design for a bottle label?

The label of the product is important enough to make it marketable. The perfect is the combination of an accurate graphic design and useful information. The correctly chosen label of the product speaks of the good quality of both the brand and the product.

Before deciding on the label design, it is important to infer which type of label is needed for the certain product. There are several types of labels: address-labels, call-to-action labels, product labels, packaging stickers and name labels.

Address labels usually include the contact information and the producer’s logo to make the company-related correspondence easy.

As can be inferred from the name, call-to-action labels are those that simply call the customers by having an action phrase. These kinds of labels invite the customer to try, smell or look closer at the product.

Product labels are just the labels with the man information about the product, outlining its ingredients, benefits and certainly branding.

Packaging stickers are used when shipping products. They are pasted on the boxes and envelopes to boost the customer experience.

As for the name labels, they are generally in use during some corporate events making the company’s front-facing employees create a good impression.

While choosing a design for your product label some features are to be considered for a desirable result.

label design

First of all, the labels should be clear: the main aim of the label is to give information, at the same time persuade the customer for a purchase of the product. Hence, the information is to be clearly readable, otherwise the information won’t be understood, and you’ll miss the target customer.

The product label should be attractive and stand out from the various products of then same kind. Here the graphic design, text font and the color play crucial role, and to be more precise their correct combination does the most of the job. Embellishments like foiling and embossing can also serve to highlight the label to attract attention and to be remembered.

A label is there to provide the consumer with information, so each producer must make sure their product label contains all the appropriate information that the customer might need e.g. nutritional information, warnings, instructions and guidance about the use.

Material and finish of the label are also essential in its final look. The correct adhesive and material should be durable, making sure that they will withstand as long as the product itself in the conditions expected.

Eventually, each label design must go with the brand and logo of the product, ensuring they are cohesive, in order to make appropriate associations in the consumers.

Making your product’s label noticeable is the first step towards the customer, so to have the consumer’s choice one should invest in the label as well.