What kind of text should be on a drink label?

Food and drink labeling is vital since label is the first information the consumer gets about the product and what it contains, and which will lead to making decisions regarding the purchase.

Labels of the beverages that contain juice should clearly mention how much percent of the product is the juice. Beverages that are 100% juice are eligible to be labeled as juice, meanwhile if the percentage of juice is less than 100% in the beverage, it is to be labeled as beverage or drink rather than juice.

Since alcohol consumption is a large public health issue in many countries, the labels of alcoholic drink are to be paid a great deal of attention. All kinds of alcohol beverages need to have the information about the alcohol strength on the label if it is above 1.2%. The mentioned strength must be as accurate as possible.

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Some other basic requirements regarding the alcohol labeling include the name of the drink, name of the producer and its address, the country of origin, durability date, and special storage conditions if there are some. Also, if there are some particular instructions for use, those must definitely be marked. The label should also contain the net quantity of the beverage, as well as information about containing some specific ingredients.

However, the information forms on the labels may differ depending on the beverage. For instance, wine labels contain considerably less information than other alcoholic drinks, including more information about the wine type and its provenance expression.

The important information about the drink should clearly be separated from all other texts, being in a thick-bordered box. The text must be printed in bold and capital letters, though remaining the same size as the rest of the texts. Also, a contrasting background is needed for the text to be on. The text on the label should be in the official language of the country where it is sold. Moreover, the public health bodies are eligible to advise on the content of the text.