Tea Labeling Guide

People drink tea at any time of the day, at any place and in combination of different meals. The number of the varieties of teas is unbelievable. With the increasing number of teas in the market, it is becoming more and more necessary to have a fantastic label as that is what attracts consumers and promotes sales. Of course, the design of the packaging and the label has a crucial factor here. 

What to pay attention to when creating the design?

The packaging of tea starts with the choice of the material. There is a lot to consider in this stage as the manufacturer has to pay attention to specifics of the tea pack which needs to be suitable to protect against moisture, dust, sunlight, strong odors. The most common materials being used for tea packaging are cardboard, metal, wood, polymer film, cellophane. Self-adhesive labels can be a good go in these cases.

First of all, let’s look at the most common characteristics of a tea label. Most of them use green or brown color, illustrations of tea leaves, cups, plants etc. Deciding whether you want something classical or modern and original for your product is up to you. It highly depends on your marketing strategy and your way of representing the product. Actually, classical labels evoke the trust of the customers as they are what the customers are used to see and use. Meanwhile creating something new and outstanding can create the urge for the customers to try it and have a new experience. It is just essential to clearly plan everything.

The color and the design of the label depend on the package design. If your package includes pictures of flowers or anything with lots of colors, you can choose to have a white label with the logo and text on it or vice versa. So, to have an attractive label create one that:

  • Consists of bright colors, color mixes etc.
  • Stay true to classical traditions but don’t forget about the trends.
  • Easily distinguishes from the rest,
  • Creates a sense of a nice atmosphere,
  • Consists the information needed for the consumer to be sure in what he chooses.
matcha label

What do tea labels include?

Speaking of the importance of the information, let’s look at the tea label requirements. So, besides being beautifully designed, your label shall also be correctly structured. Let’s see what is the information needed to write on a tea label. Generally, it includes:

  1. Nutrition information (if necessary),
  2. An ingredient list,
  3. A statement of the name and address of the manufacturer,
  4. Packer or distributor and country of origin markings, if the product is imported.

Logically, some of this information must be included on the front side of the label. In this case, there is no need to repeat it on the back side of the packaging.

Be unique!

Labeling is the face of your product and speaks volumes about it. Give your best to leave a good first impression. Create the kind of experience that will make your costumers return to you especially because your packaging and label will be memorable enough.