Juice labels

For most juice manufacturers children and women are the target so if you are one of them, make sure that your labels look impressive and effective as well as source of positive energy. That is the only way of keep preeminent. Let’s look through some tip and tricks to have a spectacular label.

  1. Make people feel like getting more of it
Juice labels

Before creating a label, you need to take the shape of the bottle into consideration. If you want to be different in the market, you will need to create a unique and outstanding bottle shape first and use your creativity to end up with a label that will match the bottle and complete the look. To reach this result, make sure to do research and find the best matches for bottles and labels.

2. Don’t save up on the label

Let your label speak of the quality of your product. Being a part of the packaging, labels speak volumes about your brand and its characteristics. So, once you create a label that is good-looking enough to create a fancy and rich impression, you win the game. Never underestimate the power of the material of the label and the rest of the work carried on to make it look good.

3. Stay simple

Modern labels imply minimalism. Actually, if you want to create something that will easily deliver information, you will have to choose the kind of labels that do not contain too many illustrations and texts. Think of a way to express what your customer needs in the shortest form. Being simple doesn’t mean being uninteresting or that your product will get no attention. Make sure it is original and attractive enough. An example of such a label can be one which has a background of the same color as the liquid inside. It is going to give your label a decent and expensive look.

4. Show that you care

Work on having the customer feel like you care for them. Leave some notes or illustrations expressing your gratitude and love for having been chosen by them in the market of thousands of brands setting up each day.

Juice label printing

5. Be impressive enough to stay in people’s mind

You will need to make people remember you’re the name of your brand. How to do it? The first step is choosing a name that is short and easy to pronounce. Next, work on the font. Choose one that is readable and make sure you place it on the label in an expressive way. Don’t be afraid to take too much space. Remember, your product will be placed next to hundreds of such and you need to try all the possible ways to catch an eye and be stamped in customers’ minds. Once you are done with this step, move to the color part.  Think of some bright colors that look good together. Don’t give any limits to your imagination. Usually, they awaken the appetite and make people feel like drinking it. Also, if you pay attention, popular brands such as Coca Cola or Fanta have got their brand colors which help them to get more customers thanks to it. How it works? Well sometimes, seeing Cola-red somewhere else incautiously awakes the need of having that drink.

6. Segment the target audience

When you are creating something that is meant for children, add bright colors, childish and joyful illustrations. Your product will be a success if people associate it with positive energy and memories. In this case, it will bring your customers back. Remember that no one knows the story of your product better than you do so you are the only person who can meet your target customers’’ needs. Combine all the knowledge with experience that you have and create something memorable.