Coffee Labeling Ideas

The coffee market is very huge with coffees from different parts of the world usually having different and original packaging. So, of course having something outstanding is essential not to stand out of the competition, moreover, as modern consumers don’t trust the kind of coffees that have a simple label and packaging.

Coffee Labeling

The packaging of coffee should symbolize independence, energy, charge with cheerfulness, encourages achievements. Let’s look through the steps that will lead you to having such a label.

  1. One of the most important steps is filling in the information in the correct way. Let’s see what it is important for the customer to see to make sure that everything is easily available for the them.
    • Name of the product,
    • Net weight,
    • Company information (name and address),
    • Ingredients,
    • Barcode,
    • Besides, state that if is organic as you can make it more appealing to those people who prefer organic food. Especially In this case, choose a different type of packaging which would catch an eye and speak of the fact that it is organic. For instance, choose a packaging designed with flowers, fruits and birds which would also be a great step to having a good visual and branding.
    • Add claims like fair trade, direct trade, single origin, premium quality, freshly roasted, medium roast, etc. Remember that some of this information is mandatory as there are certain rules on what to write on a coffee label. For example, to add the information mentioned on the above, the manufacturer needs to get permission from authority inspection and regulation agencies after they have decided whether the product meets the necessary requirements. 
  2. Choose the backside of the product to write clear reasons about why they should use exactly your product and not others’.  However, not always a large amount of information can be beneficial for the manufacturer. It shall stay a little bit mysterious. If we talk about the description of the taste on the label, it is better not to take this step. It is worth leaving the possibility of studying taste sensations for the buyer.
  3. Pay attention to the material. To a greater extent, coffee labels are made of high-intensity paper. It can be matte, glossy or semi-glossy.
  4. Here follows the stage of the color choice.  Dark shades are commonly used in coffee production and symbolize elegance. Anyways, you are free to use some other kind of design if you want to highlight your product in a special and unique way which no one has come across to yet.
  5. The type of the label, however, is the most important step. These can be roll labels, multi-layer labels, book labels, self-adhesive labels, etc. The latter ones are the most efficient and commonly-used ones as they are suitable for almost all the containers. Besides, they, as a rule, stick better and the original appearance of the product for a long time. Customers usually cannot pass by them without feeling the urge to touch them which makes their usage a good marketing move.
Coffee Labeling

An original label that meets all the requirements is a big part of the success of the sale of any product.

Nowadays, the amount of different kind of labels is crazy. Generally, manufacturers prefer the kind of labels that will be attractive for an eye and disclose all the information needed, meet the consumers’ needs and distinguish it from the rest at the same time.