15 Cool Ideas for Soda Bottle Labels (part 2)

6. Fizz

Be original! Make some research and see what your competitors offer. Do something unique and create something that has not been in market yet. It will help you produce a unique brand identity.

7. Yuzu Selzer

Leave white space. Less means better in design. Believe it or not, too many colors and paintings do not define a good label design.


Create illustrations. A customer may be in a hurry to buy something and having a simple and eye-catching illustration will help him/her to find his favorite flavor quickly.

9. Cool Kids

Choose highly readable fonts. Don’t let others struggle when reading your brand name or when reading characteristics of the drink. Easily readable fonts are more attractive for the eye.

10. Carpo

Find creative solutions. In this example you can see that the designer has used a white background because the background is very colorful and the text might be hard to understand because of low contrast.