15 Cool Ideas for Soda Bottle Labels (part 1)

Generally, Soft drink industry is pretty complex and currently the market is more expensive than it has ever been before. It carries various brands which, in their turn, have beautiful and numerous designs and try to have an effective and dramatic style of their own.  Looking at the labels of the most famous popular soda beverages, you can see that they differ with their bright colors and impressive fonts.

Soft drinks are available in a variety of containers, ranging from small bottles to large multi-liter containers. The most commonly used bottles for soda beverages are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a strong yet lightweight plastic. It was developed in 1941, but it took over 30 years till plastic soda bottle became a reality. The material of the label and the type of the adhesive usually depends on the type of the bottle as, for instance, plastic bottles have different levels of surface energy which is highly connected with the bonding of the surface and the adhesive. So, it’s up to the manufacturer to choose the kind of materials he finds best to represent his brand.  Among one of the most commonly used label types in this case are wrap- around ones.

The best players of the industry that are standing out for their labels and remain the most recognizable trademarks in the world are:

  • Coca Cola,
  • Fanta,
  • Sprite,
  • Pepsi,
  • Powerade etc.

As you see above, Coca Cola and Pepsi are the most widely recognized giant companies. Although the industry is dominated by them, there is still a room for smaller companies which do their best to reach a perfect branding and to show their brand personality off by creating the right packaging. So, if you are a manufacturer looking for some motivation and inspiration, here we go showing you some successful designs and tips to create such.

  1. Matcha

Pick colors that will help you stand out. Think about the psychology of colors. Each of them has its own meaning and creates a certain impression by people. Choose the kind that will give other positive vibes. Make sure you don’t go after way too bright ones to keep it easy on eyes.

2. Olipop

Make sure you are trendy! Nowadays trends are an important part in any sphere so create something that brings hype not to stay out of the competition.

3. Empirical Spirits

Create your own rules. The market is full of crazy colorful designs. As they are put next to one another, the difference between them is easily noticeable. Why not differ from them and create something uncommon just like this black label?

4. Rapscallion Soda

Choose the size of the label as well as whether you want it to made of two pieces or one wrap-around one. Once you have it you can think of the information structure. Wrap- around labels are more widely accepted and are more appealing to the eye.

5. Daydream

Pay attention to the quality of the print. Aside from the design colors and shapes, what matters most is the quality. You will most probably need an expert to help you out with the print choice.