How does a Correct Label Choice Promote Sales?

Human beings are very much dependent on purchases. We buy a lot and most of our shopping stuff we actually do not need. You may buy a bottle of wine or beer even if you are not having a guest tonight or planning to have a lonely party.

Have you ever thought what influences your decision of buying this or that item be it a bottle of liquor, a box of chocolate or just house cleaning supplies? What makes you be loyal to any product?

Do the cover, label or any other detail of the product influence on your decision just like the taste and the smell do? Would you ever choose from the supermarket shelf a bare bottle without any label on it?

These are all questions that we do not ask ourselves because we do not have time for that, but for more cases, when the product is new in the market, the purchase is done based on the fact that labels are designed well and appeal the customers. The product packaging starts not only from the shape of the bottle but also from the label.

The history of colorful labels

The labeling history dates back to 1700s, and first labels were used on small medical containers. During the 18th century every respectable winery had labels on their products. The labels were printed on handmade paper and glued to the bottles. Today we hardly imagine any product being sold without a label, it is just impossible!

In the 1830s labels were being made of different materials depending on the type of the product. From 1850 to 1860 color printing was improved and people understood how important the role of creativity and colors was, as it is today, to attract costumers’ attention.

Modern technology offers variety of labels. “Why should I choose self-adhesive labels for your bottles?”, you may ask. The choice of labels depends on the product type, either you need waterproof or paper labels for your products, transparent ones or not. Self-adhesive labels are most popular among types of labels and are used on a wide variety of products. They are especially good for all kind of glass products; besides they are durable and do not rip or detach, save time and efforts, they are cost-effective, and adaptable for design.  

Why is the label design so important?

While designing the label one should bear in mind that colors evoke emotions. Besides colors the shape and edges of the label can either attract or expel the customer. Imagine when a guest brings a bottle of wine, he wants to impress others, and be sure that the first impression about the product we receive from the label and only after that comes the taste or so called “experience” with the product! Moreover, an eye-catching label may “speak” about the money spent on the product.

Just like all the products, labels are also being created in a way to create certain emotions. Let’s see how some colors psychologically affect the costumer. Black, for instance, represents strength. If the label is blue the costumer is going to feel trust towards the company while green will make them see growth and peace.

To sum up  

Labeling is one of the most important parts of branding. Labels create memories and people associate the product. Many costumers may just come back to your product and buy it again just to recall some memories and experience them again. Make sure your labeling is outstanding!