Soft Drink Labels

Soft drink industry includes carbonates, fruit juices, still and juice drinks, bottled waters and sports and energy drinks. It has some difficulties typical to it. These drinks are usually kept in places where they may be exposed to heat, cold, moisture and condensation. So, making a soft drink label challenges you to make one that will remain attractive and work well in any condition it’s being kept under. They can be kept in glass bottles, cans or plastic bottles which means that the materials for each have to differ. Now let’s have a small tour on the most important aspects of soft drink label creation.

According to the type of the container you choose to have, of course, the label material types differ. For instance, when settling on cans, you can choose between having the label produced on the can itself or on a separate material. The latter one is more affordable as well as gives an aesthetic appearance to the container.

Printing technologies and materials suiting best

When it comes to having them printed, digital and flexo technologies are recommended to get a high-quality result and to print long runs. Besides, having the right materials chosen is as important. Here are some recommended ones:

  • Crystal clear film,
  • Gloss papers and films,
  • Silver metalized paper and film,
  • Uncoated and textured stocks,
  • Natural Kraft paper.
  • Coated paper,
  • Polypropylene,
  • Polyethylene,
  • Custom Labels.

When it comes to choosing which one fits best for your production, you have better have a discussion with experts who know all the details and nuances concerning them.

Many companies tend to use environmentally sustainable materials nowadays such as: recyclable content or compostable and biodegradable materials. Besides, renewable content such as cotton, sugarcane and limestone as well as waste content like citrus and grapes are another source of environmentally sustainable label material.

Boost your creativity

Consumers are always searching for new flavors and mixes so having modern labels can be the key. It gives opportunity to use the most original and creative thoughts in the label creation. As people of younger age are mostly the target for soft drinks, their labels are full of colorful illustrations and sometimes even some cartoon characters, comics, fairy tales are used to give it a more entertaining look thus making them more noticeable. That’s how you maintain a shelf appeal. Nowadays, the latest technology in combination with suitable materials allow to create market-leading and memorable labels by saving your time and money.